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Studijski program - International Relations and Global Affairs (IRGA)

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Are you interested in learning about different societies, cultural traditions, and institutions around the world? Do you wonder why some countries are wealthier than others? Some are in peace and others at war? Are you interested in learning how international disputes may be peacefully resolved? Would you like to understand how different regional civilizations have evolved and how these characteristics continue to affect societies today?

The English-taught profile in International Relations and Global Affairs (corso di Laurea in Scienze politiche e delle relazioni internazionali) is a unique program combining history and political science, economics and law, sociology and psychology. These topics create a coherent interdisciplinary curriculum that allows students to develop their understanding of how people, groups, countries, and international organizations interact in different parts of the world.

Learning objectives

IRGA allows students to develop an interdisciplinary knowledge of political, economic, historic, sociological and legal aspect of complex international issues. Studying how these disciplines approach, define and analyze international relations gives our students a sound basis for graduate studies. It also provides students with essential skills to conduct interdisciplinary research and collaboration, and the tools to understanding complex situations. The program’s interdisciplinary approach searches below the language of economics and law to perceive the historical, social and political concerns that are really at stake, and vice versa.


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